Elizabeth (Eli) Margolin


I'm a third yeah PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania. I am broadly interested in adapting traditional security frameworks and tooling for E2EE Messaging, and more specifically in zero knowledge proofs for security vulnerabilities and malware. I am advised by Sebastian Angel.

During my Master's at Duke University I did research with Ashwin Machanavajjhala on the impact of the US Census' use of Differential Privacy on the Voting Rights Act. I also worked with Charles Becker on the impact of varying conflict types during the 1992-1995 Bosnian War on long term economic development. I completed my Bachelor's at Stanford.

I was previously a Security Engineer with Meta for 2 years, working in Incident Detection and Response.

Advisor: Sebastian Angel
Office: 102 Moore Bldg
Links: CV, Github, LinkedIn,


Arboretum: A Planner for Massive-Scale Federated Analytics with Differential Privacy  
Elizabeth Margolin*, Karan Newatia*, Edo Roth, Tao Luo, Andreas Haeberlen
*Joint first authors
SOSP 2023
Marking Territory: Modeling the Spread of Ethnic Conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1992-1995   [SSRN]
Charles Becker, Peter Devine, Harun Dogo, Elizabeth Margolin


CIS5050: Distributed Systems   [class]
Graduate level course, taught by Linh Phan, University of Pennsylvania, Fall 2022.
CIS523: Ethical Algorithm Design   [class]
Undergraduate/Master's level course, taught by Michael Kearns, University of Pennsylvania, Spring 2022.
CompSci 370 : Introduction to Artificial Intelligence   [blog post]
Undergraduate level course, taught by Ron Parr, Duke University, Fall 2018.
PoliSci 22SC: The Face of Battle   [class]
Stanford Sophomore College Summer Course, taught by Scott Sagan and Joe Felter, Summer 2015